Starting Your Engineering Consulting Business


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Each course is divided into lessons. Each lesson consists of several pages. Note that you can review a lesson as often as you like until you have passed the quiz for that lesson. Then you will not be able to review the current lesson but you must go on to the next lesson. Feel free to print out pages of the course for later reference.

At the bottom of each page will be a selection of buttons. Sometimes a button will be grayed out, because the instructor doesn't want you to press it at this time. Sometimes a button will flash to let you know that additional information is available. Unless the instructor says otherwise, all of the buttons and any links on a page are optional, except for the BACK, NEXT and QUIZ buttons. All optional buttons and links add information to the course and make it a richer experience, but you can skip them, to save time, and still get the basic information. The next page gives a further explanation of what each button does.

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