The Course Buttons

These buttons navigate the course, taking you to the previous page or the next one.
If there is additional video content to the course, this button will flash. Unless otherwise stated, this content is optional and is used to illustrate a point or clarify a concept.
This button is used for special functions that are defined by the course instructor. If the button is active (not grayed out), then the text on the page will describe its function.
Pressing this button will allow you to take a quiz or a test on the information you have learned. It will flash to signal that a test must be taken at this point.
Pressing this button allows you to contact the instructor via e-mail to ask a question or obtain help with the course.
Pause the course and resume later
Pressing this button closes down the course and places the page URL in your browser favorites so you can start up next time where you left off this time.
Click here for help with the navigation buttons
Pressing this button brings up this help page.