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***** Bob Zeidman Earns IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award for Pioneering Contributions to Software Forensics *****

Expert Analysis and Synthesis
of Software and Hardware


Engineering consulting

Zeidman Consulting provides you with working hardware and software including full documentation and diagnostic software or test vectors. Work is done at the client's facilities or at the offices of Zeidman Consulting, according to the client's requirements.

Legal consulting on patent, copyright, and trade secret disputes

Zeidman Consulting provides technical consulting and expert witnesses for all kinds of technical litigation. Our experts have years of experience reverse engineering hardware and software, analyzing and interpreting patents and trade secrets, and testifying at depositions and trials.

Clean room development

Zeidman Consulting can set up a clean room development process and monitor it for you. We have created a formal process that allows the development of software code without the inadvertent copying of protected intellectual property. This process is great for legitimately reverse engineering software without the risk of unintentionally infringing copyrights.

Software tools and services

CodeSuite®, developed by Zeidman Consulting, is a suite of patented tools for comparing computer source code to detect such things as plagiarism, copyright infringement, intellectual property theft, and patent infringement. CodeSuite incorporates the BitMatch®, CodeCLOC®, CodeCross®, CodeDiff®, CodeMatch®, FileCount™, FileIsolate™, and SourceDetective® tools as well as sophisticated post-process database filtering. CodeSuite can also generate detailed HTML reports and statistics spreadsheets.

CodeSuite is now being developed, maintained, and sold by Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation (www.SAFE-corp.biz). Please visit their website to download CodeSuite or to obtain licenses.

Contract development of hardware and software

The projects that Zeidman Consulting has completed for clients involved the following technologies:

• Application software

• Embedded systems

• Networking devices


• Firmware

• PCBs

• Assembly language

• FPGAs and CPLDs

• Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)

• Bus interfacing

• Imaging (laser printers, scanners, copiers)


• C/C++/C#

• Java

• Verification

• Device drivers

• Memory subsystems and caches

• Verilog

• Digital signal processing (DSP)

• Microprocessors

• Visual Basic



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